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Wake Up Mom!

"Wake Up Mom!" is available on Amazon! This story chronicles the heartbreaking journey through my son's addictive years. When I finally recognized his abuse of prescription drugs I tried to do everything in my power to get his life back on track. I felt compelled to write this story with the hope it may help others who have a  loved one who is  experiencing abuse. It hopefully will give some inspiration to those who are are experiencing  this so horribly common situation.  PleaseDon't give up on your loved one!!

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Wake Up Mom!

My son was fine. He was talented, bright, athletic and so energetic.  His life was full and he was thriving. Then a doctor prescribed him a drug which totally changed his life. This tale of chaos portrays the emotional seesaw I experienced as my son experienced disaster after disaster. It describes the pain and challenges we both faced in an effort to overcome his addiction.  This is our story.


The son I was trying to save from addiction....

The Reviews are coming in.....

A gripping, heartfelt chronicle of surviving the helplessness and heartache of every parent’s worst nightmare. 


A must read for anyone with a child struggling with addiction. 

Andy Chaleff Author ofThe Last Letter


Some Amazon Reviews..,.

Terrific read for anyone who has a family member with an addiction. This is a real triumph of the human spirit to overcome obstacles. I could not put the book down, this book can help so many families, I absolutely loved everything about it. I truly recommend it to anyone who has a loved one who is a recoverin addict.

This book is so full of emotion, both ups and downs, and captures the reality of the author’s life. You become a part of the journey, crying and laughing, and loving this Mother who never gave up on her son .


If you have a family member with addiction, this may help you, you are not crazy!


Having been a teacher who had many students on ADD medication, I think of how it may have affected my students as they got older. The book was a quick read and you wanted to get back to it until it was finished.

_____________________"A riveting read that I would highly recommend for any adult wishing to learn more about addictive behaviors."

Bud Boughton author of The Missing Piece

As a single mother of an adult child struggling with substance abuse, I found Linda’s book spoke

directly to me. Her estimate of the emotional, physical, and financial burden of supporting a

child with an addiction is right on the mark. Yet her tireless self-examination, razonalization,

misplaced assumptions and guilt can be shared with any mother who has bought into the myth

that moms are supposed to “fix” anything that goes wrong in our families. Linda’s is an

amazing story of not just a mother’s tenacity, but the triumph of the human spirit over the

unforeseeable. As both a “how to” and a “how NOT to do” template, Linda’s book is like

looking into a mirror.

Caroline McVitty

Retired corporate attorney

Former feature writer for daily newspaper

Creator of


"...a heartbreaking story revealing the emotional seesaw a mother experiences in dealing with her son's addiction...a must read for any parent about to give up on their child."

Joanne McCallie,Author of secret Warrior


The author tells her story of the Mother of a drug addict, which starts with Adderall, which was commonly prescribed by many physicians for ADD & ADHD. My son took this at an early age for ADD and I never related it to his drug problem later in life until I read Linda’s book.
What a wake up call. I saw so many felling & emotions in the book that all mothers of addicts have felt. A must read for all parents of teens today to learn the signs of drug addiction.

 In Linda Lee

Henderson’s riveting memoir, Wake Up, Mom: Can’t You See Your Son Is An Addict,

about the addiction of her son, Dana Henderson, and she and her daughters' own

entanglement in his nearly twenty-year reliance on prescription drugs, Henderson’s

anguish and involvement in her attempts to come to the rescue of Dana is both harrowing

and frustrating. That’s what mom’s do is a constant refrain throughout this very readable

memoir, and her redoubtable determination to help heal her son is at the very center of

her difficult journey. One of the remarkable parts of this memoir is Henderson’s

willpower to function in the diurnal rhythms of life. Henderson is an adventurous woman

and her life’s excursion fmake her memoir a

reminder that the most profound obstacles on one’s path in life can still have extremely

rewarding moments. Without spoiling the ending of this wonderful memoir, it is safe to

say Henderson’s strength as a woman and mother propel this story to an important

conclusion. I highly recommend reading this valuable memoir for both pleasure and


Gerald L.Dodge

author of The Weight Of Sadness


Linda Lee Henderson's Story

     Linda Lee Henderson  grew up in Hunterdon County New Jersey where she developed a love of reading and raced go karts and built tree houses with her three brothers. She received her master's degree in education from the College of William and Mary and taught elementary school and Columbus ,Mississippi before moving to Bangkok, Thailand where she taught in the International School: then she taught and worked as an administrator in the International Schools of Sao Paulo, Brazil and Caracas, Venezuela. After returning stateside Linda switched career paths and has worked in real estate for thirty years.

      Linda's love and devotion to her family has always been her first priority. When she finally recognized her son was addicted to prescription drugs she felt compelled to share her story about the unraveling of his life. After moving to Hilton Head, South Carolina, she took on the task of tryng to make sense of how and why this happened.

      When she is not writing,selling real estate or doing crafts with he granddaughters, Linda pretends to be good at golf and tennis and enjoys many friendships.


Man with Book

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau


I would love to hear from my readers about this book or anything you want to discuss!

Hilton Head, SC

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